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About Valiance
<Valiance> are an Alliance 25 man raiding guild on Darkspear EU. We originally formed back in Vanilla though didn’t start raiding fully until TBC with some server firsts in our time.

We raid 20:15st to 23:30st Monday to Thursday and expect an attendance of at least 3 or more days per week for a raider rank.

Our recruitment policy is 18+ and most of us are in our 20s, 30s so ideally look for the more mature players that have probably been around a long time with prior raiding experience but perhaps taking a step back from the hardcore raiding environment due to work or real life.

We look for regular, committed and well prepared members of the guild in so far as being fully gemmed, enchanted, re-forged correctly, knowledge of their class and the encounters we are on. 

In return we can offer a stable guild that is run in a mature and fair way with steady regular progression over the history of wow. 

HC Raiding aside we also offer regular alt runs of normal ToT, Arena teams, old school raids on off nights for achievements and a strong social side to the guild for those inbetween raid nights. 2am in the morning you will probably still find 10 members online.

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